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Our Live Nation fan intelligence team has the unmatched ability to translate human behavior, culture and trends into brand knowledge about live music fans and their behaviors across industries. Progressive methodologies such as cultural immersion, experimental projects and “glocal” research give us a true holistic view of fans. We know what fans think, how they feel and what they do.
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Live Nation
Sound Board

Live Nation Sound Board is an
exclusive global panel of 15,000 and
community of 500 live-music enthusiasts we
survey to provide real-time insights tailored
to our clients’ needs.

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Category insight

Whatever your industry, we leverage direct access to
millions of fans through our network of venues, festivals,
artists and digital channels to help you truly understand the
mindsets, behaviors and attitudes of your consumers.

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72% of Gen Z/Millennials have driven
over 100 miles to attend a live
music event.

Live Music is an excuse to travel –
roadtrips are used to reconnect around
a common passion point.

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Female Gen Z/Millennial live music
fans spend 20 more minutes getting
ready for a concert vs. everyday prep.

Live music inspires her to take her
typical beauty routine to new levels –
she loves to experiment with her look.

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85% of live music fans have
purchased new clothing to wear to a
live music event.

The fan is always on stage at a live
music event – style is top of mind as
the experience lives on through social.

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71% of live music fans say their inner
circle comes to them with questions
about devices and tech products.

Live music fans are tech-savvy, as it’s a
tool that helps fuel their self-expression
and creativity.

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43% of live music fans have tried a
new alcoholic beverage (they don’t
normally drink) at a live music event.

Live music events create an
environment for openness and

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80% of live music fans love to snack.

Live music fans need energy for their
on-the-go lives.

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Business Intelligence

Live Nation leverages proprietary 1st party data captured throughout the fan journey – from ticket purchase, to on-site beacons, to reliving the event through social posts – to create profiles about our audiences. Our data science teams further this to truly understand the relationship between the fan and the brand in a live experience, allowing us to create meaningful experiences that perform. These datasets are enriched further by 2nd and 3rd party datasets to create a robust and holistic understanding of the live ecosystem – presented in ways that are consumable via dashboards and data feeds.

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Live Nation is leading the industry towards a new way of
measuring experiences throughout the entire fan journey.
Our suite of measurement solutions provides brands with
robust Audience Profiling, Return on Objective (Awareness,
Perception, Desirability etc.) and Return on Investment
(Sales, Location, Social etc.) solutions to best evaluate the
impact of their sponsorship investments. We prove
experiential as a medium and showcase the value back to
the brand on a continual basis.